BMX Worlds 2013 Cologne

Once again Cologne, Jugendpark for the BMX Worlds 2013. This must be the 15th time or so attending a contest at the Cologne Jugendpark for me. This year was crazy. We had the biggest kunstform?! booth so far (125 square meters) and hell, it was a lot of work! We teamed up with Etnies this year and also had Tom Dugan as a special guest at our booth. I'd like to say hi to Ronnie B AKA Ron Bonner too. Most awesome guy on earth!

A little impression of what happend at kunstform?! BMX booth

I also entered the contest even though I ruined my back building the booth. I got 14th and missed the finals for 2 places. Final would habe been possible but I gave up discussions about judging. I know how hard it is to compare apples with oranges... Nevertheless, I was happy with my run and had a great time. By the way, did anybody film my qualification run? Please let me know!

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Congrats! we are talking about the BMX Worlds nothing less!

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