Rebeljam 2011

Rebeljam 2011 is over. I had a really nice weekend. My friend Bram Verhallen let us stay in his industrial office loft over the weekend and truly is one of the best hosts ever. Big thanks for the nice breakfast every morning!!!

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I finally overcame my bad karma of missing the final for one place within the last three contests. I was really happy to qualify 6th after all that trouble with my back. You can find my qualification run below.

Bit lame but consistent qualification run at Rebeljam 2011

Qualification Results Rebeljam 2011 Flatland

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Dominik Nekolny
3rd Dez Maarsen
4th Vki Gomez
5th Waldemar Fatkin
6th Sebastian Pospischil
7th Alex Jumelin
8th Jean Francois Boulianne
9th Akira Okamura
10th Benjamin Großjohann
11th Adam Kun
12th George Manos

Check that nice vid of the qualification runs

The final run started quite well, but then stamina left me and I started that shaky style I am so well known for and missed almost every link. Whatever... Nice weekend, nice people, nice party.

Final Results Rebeljam 2011 Flatland

1. Matthias Dandois
2. Waldemar Fatkin
3. Alex Jumelin
4. Dominik Nekolny
5. Viki Gomez
6. Jean Francois Boulianne
7. Dez Maarsen
8. Adam Kun
9. Akira Okamura
10. Benjamin Großjohann
11. George Manos
12. Seppl Pospischel

1. Matthias Dandois
2. Akira Okamura
3. Alex Jumelin
4. Waldemar Fatkin
5. Viki Gomez
6. George Manos
7. Adam Kun
8. Dominik Nekolny
9. Benjamin Großjohann
10. Dez Maarsen
11. Sepl Pospischel
12. Jean.Francois

1. Matthias Dandois
2. Dominik Nekolny
3. Dez Maarsen
4. Viki Gomez
5. Waldemar Fatkin
6. Adam Kun
7. Akira Okamura
8. Alex Jumelin
9. Sepl Pospischel
10. George Manos
11. Jean Francois Boulianne
12. Benjamin Großjohann

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