kunstform?! BMX Shop - Moving & Reopening

I am sure all Germans know abount Stuttgart 21. Construction works are moving forward and as our BMX shop is located right at the main station we got a special "Present" on St. Nicholas Day: Eviction Notice until December 30th 2011. Yes you read right: 24 days to find a new location for our offline BMX shop!

As you can imagine, the month of December was quite intense. Lucily, we got a location offered right next to our old spot. By yesterday night we could almost finish the front office, but there is still a lot to do until the reopening on January 2nd 2012!

The new location. Thank you, you and you for helping us with the move!

When I started kunstform?! out of my shared appartment in 2003, I would have never thought that it would take me so far. Below, you can find a timeline about what happend during the years. That thing works similar to Google Maps, so just play around with it. Sadly, we do not have a riding spot at our office anymore. But I still have lots of great footage left from recent sessions, so check back in the new year for the first in a series of webedits!

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