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What can I say. I finally did it. I guess only a few of you guys know that I'm an online nerd, so it was just a matter of time to launch my own website. This site has three main purposes:
  1. Collecting all my stuff from 15+ years of BMX riding
  2. Supporting my sponsors
  3. Collecting all that awesome randomness & music
Regarding BMX riding, I am really motivated right now. As most of you know, I turned 30 this year. I took this as a chance to take care about myself and fix my back and breathing problems. I am feeling better from day to day and although I have to take care doing x-footed stuff, I hope I will be back to 100% soon.

Check the full statement posted on kunstform.org

As most of you know Felt Bikes Pro & kunstform?! founder Seppl had some serious problems with his back for quite a long time now. Missing three contest finals in a row for just one place (Carhartt Game of Skills, Bike Days, BMX Masters) because it did not get any better, he decided to take a break. Like 3 years ago, Seppl took a doctors odyssey to finally get to the base on the ropes. Conclusion: Two lumbar vertebrae are too far forward. Lack of or wrong move, one-sided riding and stress surely do play a role as well. But all things come to an end. Seppl is currently on track to be fit again soon. "In the magical age of 30, I decided to listen to the signals of my body. Getting my back problems under control is only one part of the whole. I also got short of breath for ages. After 5 years of thinking, I got my nasal septum aligned and got my external nasal turbinates smaller." Last Sunday, Seppl came from the hospital and so far everything looks good. "By the way, the whole thing has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery..." Sounds plausible, we've already seen that it looks exactly the same. Moreover Seppl has a small video for you. "Since my doctor advised not to do x-footed tricks, I decided to take BMX riding easy...". If all goes well, Seppl will attend this years Rebeljam. In 2012, everything should hopefully be running as usual.

Long story short. Lean back, enjoy and come back. Besides all my riding stuff, I promise there will be lots of funny & hilarious craziness going on. I already have plenty of it for 300+ posts.

Stay tuned! Share, comment & subscribe! Be creative! Go ride!

Love, Seppl

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